Friday, September 5, 2008

Approved for the Third Degree

At their regular meeting last night, the Lodge voted to approve my raising to the degree of a Master Mason. The ceremony is scheduled for October 9.

In the meantime, the memory work on the Fellow Craft degree continues. I have met with my coach twice now and we have already covered most of the material that I have to learn. There is a lot of similarity to what I had to memorize for the Entered Apprentice degree, so that makes it somewhat easier this time. Plus, there is less material to digest. Therefore, I am confident I’ll be ready to recite the required material on the 9th in preparation for being rasied to the 3d degree.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. I was passed to Fellow Craft on September 13, 2008 and expect (plan, hope) to be raised to the 3rd degree next month. It has been a very moving and beneficial experience for me so far. I'm at Boyer Lodge #1 (Prince Hall) in NYC. Like you, I'm also a seminary grad and a Christian. I like your blog. Even though neither of us are "masters" just yet, I think you express yourself in a way that will be important to countering the way masonry is misunderstood by the initiated and uninitiated alike. Keep it up.

Esquire said...

Congrats to you, too. I'm looking forward to the 3d degree...and beyond.