Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Journey Continues

I have been extremely busy since the first of the year, and while my online Masonic activities may have suffered, my "real life" ones haven't.

As I posted previously, I am a Steward this year at our Lodge. We had the district-wide officer instructional meeting back in January, and it was very good to see how seriously the lodges in the area take Masonic education. I learned a lot at that meeting.

Our local Scottish Rite valley is organizing a Chapter of the Knights of St. Andrew and I'm on the organizing team for that. We are in the process now of deciding on regalia, etc. and we hope to have the Chapter constituted soon.

I've also been asked to participate on the 18th Degree Team for the upcoming joint North Carolina/South Carolina Scottish Rite Reunion to be held in Charlotte in April. Lots of memory work involved for this. (Those of you in the Scottish Rite know what I mean.)

And that's about it. My Masonic journey continues...