Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Motto of Freemasonry

In 1858 Albert Pike gave an address at the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. In it he offered the following as the timeless motto of Freemasonry:

Devotion to the interests of the People; detestation of Tyranny; sacred regard for the rights of Free Thought, Free Speech, and Free Conscience; implacable hostility to Intolerance, bigotry, Arrogance and Usurpation; respect and regard for labor, which makes human nature noble; and scorn and contempt for all monopolies that minister to insolent and pampered luxury.
If you are a Mason, is this the motto of your local lodge? Do you manifest the tenets of this motto in your daily life? Food for thought.

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2 BOWL CAIN said...

Yes, but because our Lodge did evolve into this motto, we had to the GLoOH to be able to have Free Speech and Free Conscience.
Both of those were trying to be comprimised, and we chose to leave instead.

Great address by Pike!