Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Steward to Senior Deacon

We had Blue Lodge officer elections and installation tonight. I was appointed Senior Deacon for 2010. This is a great honor and privilege. I'm looking forward to the duties this office entails.


client3245 said...

My comments are general to your blog:

One, I believe it to be informative and enjoyable to read. I think that your approach to communicating that material is great!

Two, I like your use of the modified Pike quote for your definition of Freemasonry. I plan to use it, but only within the craft, but it provides too many avenues for questions from the uninitiated.

The Palmetto Bug said...

Welcome to one of the busiests spots in a lodge.

Jim said...


Last year, I was elected as Junior Warden after being Steward the prior year. This year, I was elected Senior Warden. It was a great honor in both cases, however I did miss out on learning the Senior Deacon's as well as others' parts. If given the opportunity over the coming years, I hope to go back through the chairs to serve in those positions that I skipped.

Esquire said...

Our Junior Deacon has been out most of this past year for personal reasons. I've had to sit in that chair pro temp quite a bit and learned the part. So I don't feel like I've missed anything by jumping from Steward to Senior Deacon.