Thursday, March 5, 2009

Junior Deacon Pro Tempore

Tonight was the stated communication at my Blue Lodge. Our Junior Deacon could not attend, so I was asked to fill in. It was an interesting experience because the Junior Deacon has considerably more to do in a regular meeting than a Steward.

I was able to report that our Lodge website is off to a successful start for 2009. Based on inquiries we've received from the web site in the month of February, it looks like we will be getting as many as three new members.

Our District Deputy Grand Master was in attendance tonight, which was a real treat. He chided me about not updating this blog very often, so I figured I'd better make a post. ;-)

And that's all for this month. Till next time, the journey continues...

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Diedra said...

I think this is a wonderful blog, and I'm glad that you're putting forth the effort to write in it. It always pleases me when masons are willing to discuss what's involved in their craft-- without revealing too much, of course. I think your blog would also be exceptionally helpful to other men who are considering joining the brotherhood. There are many misconceptions of freemasonry, and your blog is one of the few things available to the public that helps show REAL insight.

Good luck with your journey, and keep up with the excellent work. :)