Saturday, October 11, 2008

Raised a Master Mason

This past Thursday evening was the penultimate event in my Masonic journey, a journey which began back in April when I petitioned my lodge for membership. From that point forward, as I was entered an Apprentice and passed to the degree of Fellow Craft, I have committed to memory copious amounts of arcane dialog and information, the sum and substance of ancient rituals that millions of men before me have learned in their own journeys toward the light. It was all to prepare me for that singular event, being raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, the Third Degree of Ancient Craft Masonry.

The trek has been rewarding in ways that can never be adequately expressed in a mere blog post. Indeed, the marrow of Freemasonry can't be shared in words or conveyed in a documentary on The Discovery Channel. To truly know Masonry is to experience it. The books you read, no matter how many, and the shows you watch, no matter how farfetched, only give an imperfect glimpse into the reality that is Freemasonry. The truth is in the doing, the working of the Craft, and my work has just begun.

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The Palmetto Bug said...

Congratulations! Is it not one of the most wonderful feelings?

I challenge you to put your demonstrated research and writing abilities to work. I am sure the SCMRS has room for you and would love to see something from you. "The Floor," which is the newsletter of the SCMRS, has just called for short articles for the Dec08 issue. The SCMRS is also probably still taking submissions to considered for the Spring 2009 issue of "Transactions," their annually published book.

Justa Mason said...

"Penultimate" seems to be an awkward word here. It means "next to last." Certainly I suspect there is more than one more event in your Masonic journey; indeed, it's impossible to predict where the journey may take you.


Esquire said...

I chose the word "penultimate" deliberately. The ultimate "event" for every Mason is that aspect of his journey that builds on the 3d degree. And as you say, it's different for every Mason.

FD2L said...

The feeling after being raised is always one of great satisfaction; I congratulate you and look forward to seeing your journey move forward.